West Bank/Cedar-Riverside

Just east of Downtown across a highway, north of the Seward neighborhood (an even bigger highway gap) and south of U of M, the Dinkytown neighborhood (student ghetto), and the wide Mississippi, West Bank (officially Cedar-Riverside, but no one calls it that) is somehow an island of vibrancy despite the large artificial and natural barriers surrounding it. As the official name suggests, just about everything you’d visit here is on the intersecting roads of Cedar and Riverside (there’s a bit more at Washington & Cedar).

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2 responses to “West Bank/Cedar-Riverside

  1. If you haven’t gone already, I highly recommend The Weinery for lunch, following Hard Times Cafe for breakfast. A music gig at Triple Rock Social Club would round out the day for me.

  2. I have yet to go to Triple Rock: the vegan biscuits and gravy at Hard Times defeated me, tasty as they were. It’s easy to spend the whole day here, despite only a few blocks to choose from. Seems like that’s par for the course for many small districts where it’s quality over quantity. For visitors just remember as a general rule that a decent number of places are cash only and some bars have a $20 credit card minimum, which was a shocker for me since there’s no way I could spend that much at a bar all on my own and bike home, but I’ve seen that in another part of town too.

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