Make The NE Lowry Ave Area More Fun So I Have More Places to Go. Thanks!

Northeast is a great neighborhood and I like my little corner bordering Lowry Ave. Lowry apparently had more life in it not to long ago. I had no idea the empty Little Jack’s Steakhouse had previously been bought by a Korean owner who added Korean items to the old-school steakhouse menu: except that it closed. You mean I could have had hot Korean noodle soups just a short walk away in the winter? Dammit. Unfortunately, like most of the few commercial spaces available on and near Lowry it now sits empty with no signs of a new incarnation anytime soon.

Green=Available Spaces
Yellow=Occupied Spaces
Red=Nearby Hotspots

Other streets with a commercial presence such as 13th and Marshall have pretty much been filled up with plenty of places to eat, hangout, and shop, so now that Psycho Suzi’s has moved south leaving an empty structure , Little Jack’s having closed, the furniture place closed in the 648 building, well, you get the picture: not much doin’ here. There are a couple of dive bars (Tony Jaro’s and NE Palace), a gussied-up sports bar-restaurant (Stanley’s), a couple of liquor stores, a Greek restaurant (Marina), a salon (The Hive), and a tattoo parlor (Live Fast Die Young), but it’s still pretty dead and just a handful more places to add variety (restaurants please) would make it a more lively place worth visiting. Psycho Suzi’s old location certainly proves that you could execute a unique destination concept here, a tiki bar in this case, and attract droves of customers to an area lacking much to do. Too many customers, in fact, is why they had to move to a larger location just a little ways down south.

Just putting this out there since it seems like this part of NE is forgotten and you’ll notice that I also included hotspots within the vicinity to demonstrate the fact that Lowry Ave should not be forgotten since it’s in the company of: Psycho Suzi’s, The Sample Room, Mill City Cafe, Gasthof’s, Jax Cafe and Grumpy’s Bar all just five blocks or less away. So for any entrepreneur(s) who were so moved by my post and convinced by said post that henceforth opens a new destination, say, a Korean restaurant with a liquor license to sell soju (with a sweet happy hour discount), here is a hearty thanks in advance. Thanks!


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